The music assessment is coming up and all the first year students of Kirin are hard at work. The topic: conveying emotions. At the end of the fifth episode, we see that the most important thing in singing, or in any art form for that matter, is sincerity.

As Mr. Kang showed Hye Mi in the early parts of the episode, a good singer performs a song well because he or she truly understands a song, and by “truly understands”, I mean there’s an understanding not just through the mind (ex. knowing the lyrics etc.) but that also of the heart. In my reading education classes, the reader’s life experiences matter a lot in understanding and connecting with a story. To experience is to be in that moment and feel that sorrow and pain of losing someone or that joy of achieving your dream or discovering your love has been returned. Those moments become part of our memories and when we encounter that one story, one line, or one song, those feelings come flooding back, ready to be experienced one more time.

Later on, Hye Mi finds out from Pil Suk that one way to sing truly from the heart is when one is in love. But thankfully the writer does not stop there. She expands the idea to a more encompassing one: one can sing truly from the heart when he or she is singing for somebody, someone you truly care about. We see that in Si Hyuk’s attempt to cheer up his hyung.  Just like his hyung who was crying by the end of their performance of SNSD’s “Genie”, I was teary-eyed while watching the four of them (Hye Mi, Pil Suk, Si Hyuk and Sam Dong) sing and dance. They went all the way to Suncheon to cheer him up after failing the bar exam and resigning himself to a career as a chicken restaurant staff. I think it was during that performance too that I saw Hye Mi really smile for the first time

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We also see that same sincerity during Hye Mi’s music assessment performance. She sang a simple birthday song but what made all the difference was that she was singing it to someone whom she has grown to care about (Si Hyuk). What’s more, she did sing this song sincerely when she met him back when they were kids, back when she was more open and warm-hearted, it seems. In doing so, she was able to engage not just the person she’s singing for, but everyone else inside that room, including Baek Hee. And for that, she gets a perfect score in the assessment (Genius, this drama writer.)

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Also, going back to their SNSD performance, I don’t know if the writer/director purposefully chose a song by an artist outside of JYP but it was nice to see JYP artists singing and dancing to an SM artist’s song. For me, this and the simplicity of Hye Mi’s song during the music assessment really drove another important point home about sincerity – it doesn’t matter what song you sing as long as it truly comes from your heart.



Go Hye Mi, fighting!

go hye mi

Image Source: GoodDrama.Net

I finally found a reason to root for Go Hye Mi! I just finished watching the 4th episode of Dream High this morning and it ended with her announcing her intention of challenging her friend-turned-enemy, Yoon Baek Hee. Indeed, I didn’t quite like Hye Mi as I watched the first three episodes. The simplest way that I can describe her is that she’s a brat. But then, the 4th episode made me see her in a new light.

She’s strong and independent. She’s not the type to cry and wallow in self-pity. She’s the type who fights back, just like how she responded to all the bullying that she got by making an attempt to prove that she deserves to be at Kirin through challenging Baek Hee. If she ever did cry, it was always when she’s alone or almost (Somehow, Hyun Si Hyuk usually happens to be there XD). Furthermore, she even proposed that challenge after she lost the lucky charm she accidentally picked up after her fight with Baek Hee. This just goes to show that she won’t back down and that she’s going to do things her way. She doesn’t need things like lucky charms to be successful. It also showed how confident she really was. Indeed, as in the words of Hyun Si Hyuk, Go Hye Mi is “a star”.

But before that ending scene, there were a couple of scenes that actually showed a vulnerable Hye Mi. I think it was thanks to the bullying and things not going her way. No, I’m not a sadist. It’s just that these incidents made her more human and therefore more relatable. There’s that scene where she cried when she thought that she won’t be able to attend Kirin anymore because they failed to gather all three special admission students [again, she did this in front of Si Hyuk] and another where she hugged her little sister until they fell asleep after the embarrassing incident during the school entrance ceremony.

I was all for Yoon Baek Hee during the first three episodes but now, I’m cheering for them both. While Baek Hee certainly changed (for the worse, since she’s resorted to hurting others to get what she wants) after episode 3, I can’t help but root for her still. Maybe it’s because I’ve witnessed how she was before she turned to the dark side. I’m rooting for that part of her that’s still good. I think it will be interesting to see what choices she’ll be making and action she’ll be taking in the future as she struggles with her good and bad sides. Like all people. Plus, the preview showed that things will get more interesting as the special admission students prepare for the challenge, so I’ll be looking forward to that!